Heavenly Scents - Tips for adding fragrance to your home

Home fragrance has become a key element in interiors style with two of the most common ways of bringing fragrance into your home being through scented candles and oil diffusers.


The scent in your home is an important element in creating the overall tone and mood of your space, not to mention the perfect décor element for adding to the visual aesthetics of your home too.


Most people tend to opt for a scented candle. These not only emit fragrance beautifully, they also provide ambiance with their warm glow.


If you prefer a flameless option then an oil diffuser is your go to. A reed diffuser soaks up the oil and releases its scent through the reed sticks. Be sure to display the diffuser in place where it cannot easily be knocked over and out of reach of little ones.


Excluding children’s room's candles and diffusers can be placed in almost any room in the home, from the bedroom, bathroom, laundry, home office to the living, dining and entrance way, however we suggest you limit to only one home fragrance element per room so as not to overpower the room. Diffusers are more commonly seen in bathrooms and laundries and hallways while candles tend to be used more in areas you spend a lot of time in like the kitchen or living room or maybe your home office if you work from home.


Just like cushions you can never really have too many candles or diffusers, the key is where you place them and what scents you select. 


Because fragrance is such a personal thing, you can’t go wrong with any scent that makes you happy. While the three main scent offerings tend to be either floral, citrus or woody based with so many fragrances on offer there is a scent for everyone. If you tend to have an open plan home then keep the scent varieties to a minimum or use one at a time. If you have too many different scents all going at once in a space it can quickly turn your lovely space into a sensory overload.

 Marble Diffuser

If you’re looking to use fragrance to affect your mood here are a few guidelines to consider.


For your kitchen go with scents you would normally associate with cooking and baking, such as herbs, fruits, citrus and sweet smelling scents. To cleanse the air from the smell of food try spice based scents like cinnamon and clove.


Opt for fresh clean scents when it comes to the bathroom, sea salt, coconut, linen fresh are good aromas.


Lush florals of orchid, peony or spicy exotic scents are more commonly used in the living room while delicate floral fragrances such as lavender are ideal for the bedroom due to their soothing and calming effects. Rose and Vanilla are also good bedroom fragrances.


We all know first impressions count so ensure the fragrance scent you have in the entrance is not too overpowering. Try aromatic and woody fragrances like sage, rosemary, sandalwood or something fresh.


From the traditional scented candle to the fragrance diffuser, a house becomes a home when we add our favourite scents so come in and check out our range. If you have a hard to buy for friend or family member a candle of diffuser makes a great gift too.


Happy Shopping!



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