10 tips to prepare your home for house guests

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Preparation is key when entertaining guests in your home. Following these simple tips will ensure your guests are comfortable and you are relaxed enough to enjoy their stay.


  1. 1. Lighting

Place small lamps or identify lights in key areas around the house that can be left on at night to help guests find their way around in the dark. A bedside table lamp is also a great idea. Sneak in and switch on the lamp in the early evening so when guests retire to their room they find a cosy, inviting space ready and waiting with no need to find the light switch. Bedside lamps are also useful if your guest wishes to read in bed before

  1. 2. Pillows and extra bedding

Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to pillows and having the right pillow can really affect our quality of sleep. Having plenty of pillows on your guest bed has two advantages;  visually an abundance of pillows makes a bed look luxurious and inviting but having a range of different pillows on the bed also gives your guests plenty of choice as to which one they sleep on. A combination of non allergenic microfibre, feather and down for its versatile loft levels and even a memory foam option would cover most guests requirements.  An extra blanket or quilt folded at the foot of the bed also adds to the visual appeal of the bed and caters for guests who feel the cold.

  1. 3. Clear the clutter

Create space in your guest room for the arrival of luggage and general belongings that take up space. An uncluttered bedside cabinet that has room for a glass of water, a book and any other bits and bobs is a must. Fold away luggage racks that can be stored in a cupboard and brought out for guests provide a practical, space saving place for suitcases. Make sure there are coat hangers available for any clothing that requires hanging. Hooks on the back of doors or over door hooks provide excellent extra storage for hand bags, coats and robes.

  1. 4. Bath Towels and face cloths

Place fresh fluffy towels and face cloths on the bed ready for your guest’s arrival. This avoids the risk of your guest having to ask you for a towel or potentially forgetting and then finding themselves in the bathroom freshly showered with no towel. It’s also a good idea to let guests know what you’d like them to do with their wet towel after they have used it and provide space on a towel rail if towels are to be re used. If your guest room gets some sun or a breeze consider a free standing towel rail for re used bath towels.

  1. 5. Privacy please

Privacy is important for guests when staying in someone else’s environment so make sure curtains and blinds are sufficient and if you want to provide the full luxe experience guest bath robes are a beautiful touch and so practical for bathroom visits at night and lazy mornings chatting over coffee and breakfast.

  1. 6. Activities anyone?

Keep your guests entertained with an assortment of books, magazines and games at the ready. Outdoor games are perfect in the summer months as it gets everyone outdoors. If it is someone you know well a couple of carefully chosen books that you think they will enjoy placed on the bedside are a lovely personalised touch.

  1. 7. The little things

Thoughtful little trimmings are easy to do and will make your guest feel extra special. A few handpicked flowers in a vase, a scented diffuser or a luxurious little hand cream placed in the room are all beautiful ideas to take your guest room to the next level.

  1. 8. Easy to find toiletries

As a guest you are conscious of being a burden on your hosts so make it easy on them by leaving items they may need out in a location that is easy to find. An extra toilet roll or two in a basket next to the toilet makes life easy for everyone.  A group of toiletries that may be required left out in the bathroom is a great idea including things like sunscreen, insect repellent, body moisturiser and pain relief tablets.

  1. 9. Plan meals and snacks ahead of time

A meal plan, while initially time consuming, will take the pressure off and ensure you have everything you need in the cupboard to cater for your guests and any diet restrictions they may have. Choose dishes that are simple and quick to prepare like one pot slow cooked meals. These allow you to spend time with guests instead of being stuck in the kitchen. BBQ’s are a fantastic way to involve everyone in the meal preparation and can be very fun and social. Have some easy snack ideas handy for peckish guests like fruit, nuts and maybe a spot of home baking.

  1. 10. Relax and enjoy

Lastly and most importantly relax and enjoy your guests. Appreciate and make the most of the time you have with good friends and family.


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